BIO4EEB project presented at seminar in Plunge Region – Lithuania

One of the five BIO4EEB real demo-cases is located in Lithuania, where BIO4EEB was present last year during the Seminar for the Chairmen and Administrators of Communities of Residents of Multifamily Buildings in Vilnius. This time, at the beginning of 2024 our project was presented in municipality of Plunge region. 

On 26 January 2024, a seminar for leaders and administrators of Communities of Multifamily houses and employees of Municipalities was arranged in Plunge, Lithuania. Vitas Maciulis, researcher from the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (PROTECH), presented the BIO4EEB project to leaders, administrators, and municipal employees present during the event. Such events, serve as crucial platforms for raising awareness, building partnerships, and advancing the adoption of bio-based building materials.