3 virtual demo-cases are selected in order to complement the real demo sites with remaining popular building typologies and climates present throughout Europe

Virtual demo-case in Hungary - Middle European Continental climate

Between the 1950s-1980s around 850,000 “Kádár-cube” type single family houses were built in Hungary using the same recommended plan from a governmental central catalogue. The majority of these buildings are located in villages, smaller towns, and the suburbs of major Hungarian cities and make up ~20% of the national residential building stock. In the last 20 years only a small percentage of these buildings have undergone energy renovations, and the government has recognized the need to provide accessible renovation options for these buildings. The typical conditioned area of the building type is around 60 m2, built with brick walls and reinforced concrete slabs. The area of the external walls is around 110 m2. On this virtual demo case the applicability of the different renovation scenarios will be tested with special focus on the affordability of the proposed solutions. The demo-case provides huge replication and energy saving potential with the large quantity of un-refurbished building stock.

Virtual demo-case in Belgium – Oceanic climate

The terraced house type was selected as virtual demo-case from Belgium, to represent the Oceanic Climate. The typical terraced house, which was built between 1920-1970, has brick walls and poor performing openings (average U value of windows: 5,0 W/ m2K, of doors: 4 W/ m2K. The typical heated area of this building type is 143 m2. This building type was selected to represent terraced buildings in dense urban settings where the energy saving potential and applicability of the developed solutions can be assessed with the necessity to consider the neighboring buildings as well.

Virtual demo-case in Italy – Mediterranean climate

The virtual demo case from Italy represents the apartment block type of buildings built between 1920 and1980. The typical conditioned are of this building type is 2075 m2. The typical building structure is brick masonry walls with reinforced concrete slabs. The heat supply system is assumed to be gas central heating with gas non-condensing boilers. This virtual demo site is selected to be able to assess the effect on cooling demand of the developed solutions.