BIO4EEB Second General Assembly Meeting

BIO4EEB is delighted to share exciting updates on the 2nd General Assembly of the project held in the radiant city of Madrid (June 13-14). This event showcased advances in bio-based insulation materials, paving the way for a sustainable future. Project partners took center stage, providing an insightful overview that encapsulated the essence of progress. From the meticulous design and manufacturing to the inaugural testing of product specimens, BIO4EEB researchers aimed to gather crucial performance feedback of these bio-insulators and bio-products being developed for the construction industry. The stage was set for innovation, and the team embraced the opportunity with unwavering enthusiasm. We witnessed the convergence of brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies. But BIO4EEB journey doesn’t stop here. We are embarking on an in-depth analysis of the market landscape, poised to unravel vital insights and data. Stay tuned as we share these valuable findings, offering a comprehensive understanding of the tremendous potential bio-products hold for a greener future. 

Many thanks to our partner Solintel for their great hosptality in Madrid. BIO4EEB is looking forward to celebrate it’s 3rd consortium meeting in Prague hosted by STÚ-K!